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Potty trained toddler pooping in pants

Potty trained toddler




Potty trained toddler pooping in pants

Everyone tells me potty training takes only 3 days. Uh uh. Not for my son. I had to take a week off daycare to potty train my toddler at 3 years old. It was a tough “boring” week because I didn’t want to leave the house. I just wanted to stay put near a washroom. During the first few days my son would do his business anywhere and everywhere. I had to buy more pants. I rewarded my son with a small wrapped toy every time he successfully pees into the toilet. Soon I was running out of toys and my son was still not potty trained… It’s okay. Breathe. He will eventually get it, I reassured myself…

After a week of hard work and great effort from both myself and my toddler, he finally did it! He was potty trained after 7 days. He has been awesome ever since – with the occasional accidents – but that’s okay.

Don’t be pressured or stress out over not potty training early enough or fast enough. Don’t compare to other kids because they all develop at their own pace. Once they get it, they will get it. There is nothing wrong with a child needing more than 3 days to be potty trained. Everyone is different. Fully potty trained kids can poop in their pants too… We all sh*t our pants once in awhile…



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  1. I have a sister that is starting potty training with her toddler. She needs some help as she looks into how she is going to get this done. It might be useful for her to know that just because her little one is not getting it right away that she will eventually.

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