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Decorating Christmas trees with a toddler

Decorating Christmas Tree with Toddler




Christmas tree decorating

Decorating Christmas trees with a toddler

Seeing my toddler decorate the Christmas tree is the cutest thing. With all that concentration and hardwork by a three years old, you would hate to tell him that it sucks, lol. After all, it’s the effort that counts right?

We bought a small Christmas tree so that it’s just the right height and size for our three years old to decorate the entire tree. We would give him a stool to stand on for the higher parts of the tree. He loves it and is super proud of his own creative work.

He would even take down his ornaments a few times to redecorate. It’s a great activity to kill some time!



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Summer and Muu is a series of parenting comics for new moms and dads with young children. These cartoons are stress relievers as every parent can relate to these parenting comics. Brenda Li, the cartoonist behind the series, wants to ensure that new parents know that they are not alone in this parenting struggle and journey. Raising little human beings from scratch is a daunting feeling. There is no step by step youtube tutorials, no easy Ikea instructional manuals and definitely no mobile app to automate and do everything for you. Moms and dads need all the support they can get, whether it is physical, emotional, social, or intellectual support. By illustrating the daily struggle of a new mom and turning daily struggles into everyday humour, new parents faced with similar headaches are immediately comforted. Knowing that you’re not alone is a huge reassurance that everything is still okay and “normal”.

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